Get started with sending release notes by creating your first Setup


The Setup page is where you can create rules for sending out release notes. Each setup consists of a name, trigger (which is a Jira event that initiates the sending of release notes), email settings, and integration sections. This page is designed to help you streamline the process of sending out release notes, making it more efficient and tailored to your specific needs.

Setup Name

When creating a Setup in the Jira Release Notes plugin, the first step is to choose a name for the Setup. This name will help you easily identify the rule you have established for sending release notes, making it easier to manage and modify as needed. It's important to choose a descriptive and meaningful name that accurately reflects the purpose of the Setup, whether it's for a specific project, team, or release cycle.

Toggle Setup

By default, all setups are active upon creation. However, you have the option to deactivate a setup to temporarily pause its activity. When a setup is deactivated, release notes will not be sent for that setup.
Deactivated setup cannot be edited or modified. You must reactivate the setup first to make any changes.
A setup that has been deactivated will be indicated with an INACTIVE status in the setups listing.