Setup is the page which is designed to create rules of sending release notes. Each setup contains name, trigger (Jira event which triggers send of release notes), email settings and integration sections.

Setup listing

Setup listing is the page where you can see all you created setups. The listing table displays most important information like Name, Status, Trigger and Recipients.
Also, you are able to perform Create, Edit, Copy and Delete actions from the listing.

Toggle setup

All setups are active when created but you are able to deactivate setup to pause its activity. Deactivated setup does not send release notes.

Setup execution

Execute button runs the current setup manually. When you execute setup manually it sends release notes but ignores the trigger.

The best way to use Execute button is to check setup:

  1. Create/edit setup with "Manual" trigger to make sure it will not be triggered by any event
  2. Complete setup settings: Email, Attached template and Integrations
  3. Click on Execute button and check your email to get release notes
  4. Once you sure all is good, change the Trigger back to the proper one and click "Save"