Utilize triggers to configure the event that triggers the sending of release notes.


A trigger is a rule that determines when to send release notes based on a specific event. There are various types of triggers to accommodate different use cases and requirements. With these triggers, you can precisely control the timing and conditions for sending out release notes, ensuring that they are delivered at the right moment during your software development life cycle.


The trigger in the Jira Release Notes plugin generates the context for the release notes, allowing you to include relevant information based on specific events. For example, if the trigger type is set to Close of Sprint various sprint-related variables such as {{sprintName}} and {{sprintGoal}} become available system-wide, enabling you to dynamically include sprint-specific details in your release notes.

Release of version

The Release of version trigger in the Jira Release Notes plugin automatically sends release notes when you release a fix version in Jira.

Close of sprint

The Close of sprint trigger in the Jira Release Notes plugin automatically sends release notes when you complete a sprint in Jira.


The Schedule trigger in the Jira Release Notes plugin facilitates the sending of release notes at a scheduled date, time, and time zone. Moreover, it offers a repeat feature that enables you to configure recurring release notes. For more information on available repeat options, please refer to the following section.

Schedule recurrence

The schedule recurrence feature enables you to repeat the same schedule with defined start and end dates, providing flexibility for automating the sending of release notes. You can choose the frequency of recurrence, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, to suit your specific needs.

  • Day - Repeat every nth day
  • Week - Repeat every nth week at selected week days
  • Month - Repeat every nth month at specified month day
  • Year - Repeat every year at specified month and day


The manual trigger does not send release notes automatically; instead, you need to manually initiate the process to send them each time.