Use Chat GPT to generate release notes description


Utilizing Chat GPT, we leverage its capabilities to generate descriptions or summaries for release notes based on Jira issue titles and descriptions. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to craft entirely custom requests to Chat GPT, allowing for the generation of personalized and tailored descriptions as per your requirements. With Chat GPT's assistance, creating comprehensive and engaging descriptions becomes an efficient and versatile process for your release notes.

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JQL Query

A powerful method to generate descriptions with Chat GPT involves providing a JQL Query that retrieves Jira issues. By utilizing the titles and descriptions of these issues, Chat GPT leverages its language capabilities to generate insightful and accurate descriptions. This approach ensures that the generated descriptions are derived directly from the relevant Jira issues, enabling a seamless integration between Jira data and the natural language generation abilities of Chat GPT.

Custom Request

An alternative approach to generating descriptions is by sending a custom message directly to Chat GPT. This option allows you to have complete control over the content and style of the request. By crafting a personalized message tailored to your specific needs, you can tap into the full potential of Chat GPT's language model to generate customized and contextually relevant descriptions. This flexibility empowers you to create descriptions that align precisely with your desired format and messaging requirements.